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NOREEN WHALEN, Updated May 21, 2020
Please welcome Noreen Whalen to DLM!  She purchased 705 Hernandez from Jim Lau.  She is originally from Maryland and is a full-time resident of The Villages. Click here for more information.
GREG BRAUN & BETTY BRUNNER, Updated May 11, 2020
Please welcome Greg Braun and Betty Brunner to the neighborhood!  They purchased 736 Hernandez in April from Mac and Susan Lang.  They intend to be here about seven months out of the year, while spending the rest of their time in Grafton, Wisconsin.  Click here for more information.
JIM & SANDY WIERSMA, Updated May 6, 2020
Please welcome Jim and Sandy Wiersma to DLM!  They moved into 747 Ramirez on March 18th, purchasing from Tim Glaser.  They hail from Rockford, Michigan, which is close to Grand Rapids.  Click here for more information.
FIT BIT FOUND, Updated May 6, 2020
Thanks folks. Val found her Fit Bit on the garage floor.
MAY BOARD MEETING, Updated May 4, 2020
The next reguarly scheduled board meeting will be help at the park.  Click here to see the agena and the rules and restrictions if you wish to participate.
NANCY DAPRATO, Updated May 4, 2020
I am sad to report that Nancy passed Saturday night at the Villages Hospital. She had been ill for quite some time.  There are no details as yet. 
SIGNS OF A STROKE, Updated May 4, 2020
Just a reminder, thanks to Barb and Glenn Ryburn, of the signs of a stroke.  They are now posted on our web site under helpful information.  Click here to see quickly see them.
POOL/PARK TO OPEN, Updated May 1, 2020
The following rules are in place.
The HOA board, following The Villages lead, has authorized the opening of the pool and park effective Monday morning, May 4, 2020, with the following stipulations that are in accordance with The Villages rules. The Recreation News published April 30th, has guidelines for all activities indoors and outdoors.
1. Some seating has been removed to allow for social distancing...six feet between people. What does six feet (72") look like? A shuffleboard cue is 75" (about right). A pool noodle is 58" (14" shorter). A golf driver is 45" (18" shorter). Golf carts...if a third cart can drive between two others, the two others are the right distance apart.
2. The water fountain has been turned off. Bring your own water.
3. Wear a mask that covers your nose and mouth. The Villages requires masks for all indoor and outdoor activities. (Page 7 of April 30 Recreation News)
4. Bring your OWN disinfecting wipes and hand sanitizer. The HOA is not providing these products.
5. NO GLASS containers of any kind for any product at the pool.
6. Please stay healthy, and social distance please! (Stay 6 feet from each other)
7. If you are ill, sick, or don't feel 100%...stay away from the pool/park.

Unlike The Villages, there will be no monitors checking the park/pool for adherence to the above rules. The board anticipates those at the pool/park will monitor themselves and the group that is there. Please be a responsible resident. 

This will be our normal until further notice, and we anticipate this will likely continue for the remainder of 2020.  




BALANCE CLASS, Updated  June 1, 2020
Sandy Wiersma's exercise Balance Class got off to a great start today at the pool. What a fun and healthy way to start the week. Click here to see the photos.  
At the end of the class she demonstrated some drumming.  Lucky for us, Sandy has agreed to teach a drumming class on Wednesdays morning, also at 10 AM, starting on June 10th.  Click here to see her equipment recommendations.
Any questions please call Sandy at 616-204-6740.

MEMORIAL DAYUpdated  May 25, 2020
The dozen or so of us braved the rain for a lovely "socially distant" visit at the pool to celebrate Memorial Day. Click here to see a few photos.  Thank you so much to Sandy, Linda, and Bob for organizing the gathering and their lovely decorations.
TGIF AT THE POOL, Updated  May 8, 2020
We will be at the pool at 5 pm tonight, BYOB.  Some safety suggestions as we all venture out from our homes to socialize:
Any food to share should be single serving wrapped. We will observe social distancing and face mask suggested.
They are yellow oval w Villa De La Mesa and your first and last name below. Available with magnetic or pin backing.  $7/ea.  payable upon receipt.  Should you be interested, email:


Consider joining your friends and neighbors for some fresh air and a little friendly golf. The men and ladies golf in separate groups starting apprx 9 am in winter season and 8am in summer. 

Call Lynn Camadine 352-232-3450 for details  

MENS 18 HOLE GOLF ON WEDNESDAYS, Updated Oct. 17, 2017

Interested in getting out more and enjoying the company of others, you may want to consider trying some golf.  Click here for details.

Sat Jun 6
Marcia Paholski
Mon Jun 8
Kathy Quinn
Tue Jun 9
Eva Libby
Fri Jun 12
Paholskiís Anniv.
Sun Jun 14
Lawrence Masters
Fri Jun 19
Tarr's Anniv.
Sat Jun 20
Dawn Hertz
Bill Scott

Tue Jun 9
Ladies cards @ Paradise, Bridge Contact Judy Williams 750-3586, Hand & Foot Val Campbell 750-0707
Fri Jun 12
TGIF 5:00 at the pool
Tue Jun 16
Ladies cards @ Paradise, Bridge Contact Judy Williams 750-3586, Hand & Foot Val Campbell 750-0707
Fri Jun 19
TGIF 5:00 at the pool
Tue Jun 23
Ladies cards @ Paradise, Bridge Contact Judy Williams 750-3586, Hand & Foot Val Campbell 750-0707
Fri Jun 26
TGIF 5:00 at the pool

Click here for more details about events. 

Wed Jun 10
3:30 PM Board Meeting Chula Vista Rec Center