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VILLA de la MESA AED GROUP,   Updated Oct. 12,  2019
At this time we have deposited $1062.75 from the garage sale proceeds, plus $3380.00 in donations from our neighbors.  We have paid out $17.55 to the bank for printing checks. Our balance available is $4425.20. P ublic Safety has asked for us to have $5729.00 in our account before we can go forward with the purchase of the equipment, installation, and training.  We still need to raise $1304.80 to meet our goal. We hope to be able to complete this funding by  10/31  in order to start our training in November.   Please, if you are able, send a contribution to help De la Mesa implement this life saving service.  Contributions should be sent to:
Villa De La Mesa AED Group
NANCY TOMASZEWSKI,  Updated Oct. 12,  2019
Click here to learn more about our new neighbor, Nancy.



DE LA MESA HOA BOARD Updated Sept. 23,  2019

De la Mesa is a self-managed community of 139 Villas. The day to day operations are under the direction of the HOA Board, 5 home owner volunteers.  The HOA Board has scheduled monthly meetings from Oct through May.  Board members are elected for a 2 year term at the annual meeting each Feb. If you or one of your neighbors might be interested in serving on the De La Mesa Board please contact a member of the nominating committee before November 30 th .  

The 2019 nominating committee consists of:

AMENITY FEES LATE?,  Updated Sept. 18,  2019
Message from the treasurer:  12 people are more than 3 months late with Amenity fees.  Quarter payments should be paid at the beginning of the quarter, NOT THE END!!  Any payments received more than 15 days late will be assessed a late fee of $5 per month. 
FOR SALE,  Updated Sept. 5,  2019
715 Hernandez Drive.  Contact Shari Winstead ( 270-339-5420 or ).  

This website is an unofficial Villa De La Mesa residentís bulletin board. The information posted on the site is for information and enjoyment only and is not intended to reflect the official business of the De La Mesa Board of Directors. †